Does carpet change the way we think?

Of course, you can live without carpet, but why would you? Just ask anyone who is a true fan of carpet. They’ll be quick to give you a ton of reasons and benefits to back up their belief that carpet is the do-all, end-all in floor coverings.

We realize you may not have that carpet-loving friend, so we’re going to give you a few of the basic carpet benefits ourselves. It’s a great place to start, and in the even that you have questions, you’re welcome to stop by a Flooring Source showroom to speak with someone today.

Carpet is warm and inviting

Nothing is quite as luxurious to walk on as a nice new carpet. It’s warmer than any other flooring, feels soft and comfortable underfoot and makes a great floor for children to play on. It’s also a great flooring option is you happen to have an elderly person living in your home. Carpet is much more slip resistant than other floorings, and if a fall does happen, it eases the landing a great deal.

Since carpet does such a fantastic job of holding heat in, it can often lower your utility bills. Even if the winters aren’t terribly cold, and they often are not in Texas, you’ll still notice the difference as temperatures do begin to drop a bit.

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Carpet creates a sound barrier

This is another benefit you’ll quickly come to love if there are children in the house. Carpet absorbs much of the sound and noise you’re probably use to hearing if you’ve had a harder floor surface. This is especially the case if you have a two story home, as carpet drastically cuts down on the noise between floors.

More carpet benefits

Thanks to newer technology and manufacturing techniques, many carpets are created with special advances made right into the fiber. Stain resistance and hypoallergenic fibers are two of the most popular. The stain resistance means that you don’t have to treat your carpet with special treatments to keep stains at bay. Hypoallergenic fibers mean that you can now have carpet, even if you’re an allergy sufferer!
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Helping you pick the perfect carpet

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